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Have you ever felt the excitement of being out on the sea, the wind in your face, and the waves beneath you? That feeling of freedom and adventure that makes you feel alive? At TEC, we understand that passion for sailing and we want to help make every day on the water an unforgettable experience.

That’s why we offer the best custom-made nautical ropes for Ilca, manufactured with the highest quality materials. We care about your safety as much as you do, and we are committed to helping you achieve your goals on the sea.

Check out our nautical rope guide
for equipping your Ilca:

For the mainsheet, we recommend Marlow® rope with technora cover and dynema core, specially designed to prevent the rope’s core from twisting upon itself. The 6mm mainsheet is the most common, but it’s also available in 7mm for strong winds. Ideally, you should have both mainsheets so you can use the 6mm one in light wind and the 7mm one in strong wind.

As for the traveller or boom vang, our favorite is made of dyneema, which is extremely resistant and durable. Although some prefer vectran, keep in mind that it wears out easily when in contact with the boom end fittings.

For the kicker or vang, we recommend dyneema without a cover for the primary part and dyneema with a polyester cover for the longer part. As for the thickness, we suggest 3mm for the primary part and 4mm for the longer part.

Regarding the cunningham, we also recommend dyneema without a cover for the primary part and dyneema with a polyester cover for the longer part. The recommended lengths are 1.2 meters for part 1 and 4 meters for part 2.

Finally, for the outhaul or cunningham, we recommend dyneema without a cover for the primary part and dyneema with a polyester cover for the longer part. The recommended lengths are 1.45 meters for part 1 and 4.5 meters for part 2.

But, pay attention! These are only recommendations and it’s always better to measure the rope that needs to be replaced before buying the replacement. If you need to change several ropes, a very useful option is our custom-made rigging kits. If you have any doubts about which rope is the best for your Ilca, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you find the best solution for your nautical needs.

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The high-quality rigging your Ilca boat deserves: Have you ever had a defective rope ruin your day at sea? We know how frustrating it can be, especially if it’s during an important race or outing. At TEC, we understand the importance of uninterrupted sailing, which is why we manufacture your ropes with the best materials and subject them to rigorous stress tests to guarantee maximum quality. Don’t settle for less.

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Ensure the quality of your teaching with TEC’s rope for nautical schools. We know you can’t risk the safety of your students while they learn to catch the winds aboard an Ilca, and as a company we understand the importance of investing in durable materials to ensure their well-being and your peace of mind as an instructor. That’s why we make sure our nautical ropes are made with the best materials and resist the wear and tear of navigation, which guarantees a long lifespan and maximizes your investment.

Are you looking for the best rope for your Ilca, but worried about the price? We know that in the world of competition, every detail is crucial, and the rope is a fundamental part of it. As former sailors, we understand how important it is to have custom-made ropes that can withstand the most extreme conditions of sailing and improve the performance of your boat. Don’t settle for less and trust us to provide you with the best rope for your Ilca without having to spend a fortune.

Nautical Ropes for Ilca

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Once manufactured, we will send you a detailed report on the material for your Ilca, along with its corresponding warranty, so you can get the most out of your sailing.

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At T-E-C we handcraft all our ropes in our workshop located in Mallorca to ensure they are tailored to your exact needs.
We take care of preparing and delivering your order to the agreed delivery point completely free of charge.

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