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The best materials and the best splicing methods

Nautical rope splices

Our splicing team takes immense pride in the precision service that we provide. Working with hi-tech modern ropes as well as traditional rigging, every type of line can be built in our workshop with our state of the art splicing benches. With the demand for customised ropes growing rapidly, we strive to be the leading exponents of this supplying personal colours, flag colours, glow in the dark colours – all of which, can be incorporated into any type of rope.

Immense Pride

Our broad range of materials in-house mean that ropes can be built quickly and with our painstaking attention to detail, we can provide the best quality in the business. We cater for all types of yacht be it sailing or motor and have a large following of superyacht clients such as My Song, Nikata, Belle Mente and Azzurra to name but a few.

Let’s Work Together

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